Educational Demos

Educational Demos

NWEC crew demonstrate high voltage safety

High-Voltage Demonstration

North Western Electric has a high-voltage demonstration unit available for group showings. This free demonstration promotes public awareness of how an electric utility works and the potential hazards associated with electric lines and equipment. This presentation, which includes a demonstration of the powerful charges contained within electric lines, is conducted live and can be staged indoors and outside.


Peter lets students light up bulb with the Energy Bike

Energy Bike

North Western Electric also has an energy bike available for use in classrooms. The bike is attached to a generator. Students and teachers will be able to see how many volts they are producing as they pedal. An activity book is available for teachers to use in the classroom.


Chris shows equipment to students during a Tabletop Demonstration

Tabletop Demonstration

A tabletop unit is also available for demonstrations. Generally, the smaller tabletop unit is used in classrooms of not more than 30 individuals.


To request a demonstration time, simply email us for details.


North Western Electric reminds everyone to exercise EXTREME CAUTION when working near or around power lines.

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